Grading on an iPad or Tablet

iPads and other Tablets are wonderful devices to do your student grading on! The pen tool is especially handy so that you can handwrite comments directly on to your student's work. But you may bump into a few screen size challenges, since much of your activities might best be viewed in portrait mode while the TeacherMade interface is designed to work best with more horizontal room.

We've included a few nice elements to help gain more room on iPads and tablets while grading student work.

At the bottom left of the screen, you'll find this icon:

Tapping that will collapse the scoring panel, hiding all the detail and custom scoring elements, and allowing you to see much more of the student work. 

Tap this icon to return to the normal view:

Also, if you're working with a Slide view activity, you will see a selection panel that lets you preview each slide and quickly move between them by tapping on a slide. That's convenient, but takes up room you might prefer to use to view your student's responses. To hide that slide selector, just tap this element that sits between the student submission and slide selector


That will hide the slide selector. By hiding both the slide selector and the scoring panel, you'll be able to see all your student's work and use the power and ease-of-use of your iPad or tablet to grade your assignments.

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