How Do I Use Notifications?

Think of Notifications as your Submissions Inbox. You'll get a notification whenever a student submits work that you have assigned them. It's your signal that it's time to review student work!

If you've received notifications, you'll see the count in the left menu:

Click "Notifications" to see what's been submitted.

Here's the fastest way to review outstanding submissions:

  • Click "Unread by Date"
  • Click the checkbox at the top of the list (to the left of "Date") to select everything.
  • Click the "Review" button in the upper right corner and review each submission. Use the right arrow button to move between submissions while reviewing.
  • Click "Close" when you're done to return to the Notifications list.
  • Click "Mark as read" at the top.

You will have reviewed all your student work and cleared your notification counter! Put your feet up and relax.

Let's take a closer look at this screen.

The Notifications Screen

The Notifications Screen shows you each submissions along with the score, completion percentage, and some other details. Let's take a closer look at the columns.

DateThe date the submission was sent. As with all dates in TeacherMade, you can click the date description to see the details.
AssignmentThe title of the assignment.
StudentThe student's name.
ScoreThe final score of the assignment at the time of the submission.
% CompleteIndicates whether the student answered all available questions.
OtherYou'll see one of these icons to indicate that the student annotated their work with text, math, web links, drawings, or audio.
Read/UnreadA closed envelope means the notification is unread. Click it to mark it as read.
ReviewClick this icon to review this submission.

Changing the View

There are three view options to choose from at the top of the screen.

Unread by Assignment groups the submissions by Assignment and displays only unread notifications. You can choose all the submissions for one assignment by clicking the checkbox in the header for that assignment. 

Unread by Date filters out any read notifications and sorts them by submission date. 

All notifications shows you both read and unread notifications in the order they were received.

Working with Multiple Notifications

You can select multiple notifications by clicking the checkbox at the top of the list. Once selected, the three buttons at the top of the screen will become available for you to use.

Mark as read will mark all selected notifications as read.

Mark as unread will mark all selected notifications as unread.

Review will take you to the Submission Review screen and display the first selected submission. Use the right arrow to move to the next submission:

When you're done, click "Close" to return to the Notifications screen. It would be a good practice to mark the notifications as read right after reviewing them. 

Going Back to Your Activities

When you're done reviewing notifications, just click the "Activities" link in the left menu to return to your home page.

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