Feburary 22nd, 2024 - Side Menu

They say the three keys to succeeding in real estate are "location, location, and location." In recent months, TeacherMade has added some really crucial functionality that belonged in the main menu, such as the Students view and the Library of shared content. And we've got some more coming, too (no hints, but they're great!) So, the top menu was getting a little crowded, and needed some space to grow. 

We've moved the main menu from the top of the application to the side! That helps buy us some space, and it helps give you more real estate, too, especially those of you on laptops. 

Let's take a look!

At the top of the side menu is the awesome NEW TeacherMade logo.
The separator bar has a double chevron on its right side. Click that once to collapse the menu into just icons, giving you even more room! Click again to open the menu back up.
The former "My Activities" is now just "Activities." Click this any time you want to get back to your home page.
This is a list of your students, and a quick way to see all the work your students have done. 
Submission notifications let you know every time a student submits their work.
The amazing Library of activities, made by Teachers just like yourself.
At the bottom of the menu is your current TeacherMade plan. Click here to upgrade your trial and get all the time-saving benefits of being a TeacherMade PRO.
Clicking this will open our Help Center, giving you access to our Knowledge base, interactive tutorials and our amazing support email. 
Need to change your password, add a Google login, or see information about your account? Click here!

We hope you find the new menu system easy to use, and keep an eye out for even more amazing features that will be there soon!

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