August 22nd, 2023 - Rich Text in Open Answers

Sometimes, your students just want to express themselves through the beauty of typography. And sometimes, they just need to follow The Chicago Manual of Style for their citations. Whatever their motivation, your students might have been hoping for more control over their text, and TeacherMade once again delivers the goods!

You can now allow your students to choose font faces, styles, sizes and colors, just as you can when adding Teacher Text. They can even justify their text to the left, center or right or use superscript and subscript positions. All the usual Open Answer features are still supported, too! It's a wonderful way to let your students have control over the format of their responses! And if you don't want them to go crazy with style, you can turn off the feature and have them submit simple plain text, too. With TeacherMade, the Teacher is always in control!

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