How Do I Remove the Margins Before Importing

Sometimes in a scrolling document, you don't want any space between pages at all, so that all the pages blend together in one seamless document. However, both Google Docs and Microsoft Word don't quite allow that. You can set the margins to zero, but for various reasons, there's always a little space remaining.

You could always use a full-featured tool like Adobe Acrobat to edit the resulting PDF, but there's also a free option we've found to be useful. So, just follow these instructions to remove the top and bottom margins entirely from the pages of a download PDF file.

  • Set the margins to 0" in Google Docs, then download the PDF.
  • Visit and upload the document there.
  • Tell that system you want to edit each page's margin's individually.
  • Do NOT select "Auto-Crop" which seems to trim all left and right space aggressively. Instead, go through and set the left and right margin of each page to 1" (or whatever it was in Google), and the top and bottom to 0.
  • Scroll to the bottom of each page. Because you set custom margins, there will now be a selection box around the whole page, and you can drag the bottom of the selection box up to be as close to the bottom of the last line as you want.
  • Once you've adjusted the margins for all your pages, click the button labelled "CROP PDF TOOL." Depending on your screen size, that button may be hidden behind an ad at the bottom of the page. If so, click the little down arrow on top of the ad to hide it and reveal that button.

The system will prompt you to download the cropped file. Do so, then import it into TeacherMade.

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