How Do I Use the Hot Text Tool?

The Hot Text item allows you to enter a text passage then make parts of it clickable by your students. They’ll choose from among the phrases you made clickable to indicate their  answer.

To add a Hot Text item, start by drawing a box on the activity where you want the Hot Text to be. Choose, “Hot Text” from the menu:

This pop-up will appear

Click the field that reads “Write text here” and enter your text passage in its entirety. Highlight any word or words that you want to be available to students as an answer choice. In the box that appears, click the checkbox next to the words, “Hot text.”

Repeat that process for other words or phrases you want to make clickable, including correct answers and distractors.

Any time you highlight a phrase and check “Hot text,” that phrase will appear below the text with a checkbox next to it.

To set the correct answers, select the checkbox to the left of the text. In the example above, the correct answers are “took” and “bought.”.

When you’re done, click “Save.”

You will see the correct answers highlighted in blue on your activity and the incorrect options highlighted in gray:

Your students will see a similar view except that all the potential answer choices will be highlighted in gray. As they select their answers, they’ll turn blue and be underlined. If the student changes their mind, they can just click again to deselect an answer.

Normally, the student can select as many of the Hot Text phrases as they wish. But if you turn on the “Limit number of selections” switch at the top of the editing box, then the students will only be allowed to select the number of correct answers. In the example above, there are five Hot Text phrases, but only two are correct. If you turn on “Limit number of selections,” they’ll only be able to select two options. If they select a third, one of their other choices will be automatically deselected.

Once a student submits their answers, the Hot Text item will be scored correct if every answer you had checked as correct has been clicked by the student, and every answer you indicated as incorrect is left unselected by the student. The points you assigned are awarded in their entirety.

Hot Text is a very powerful way to allow your students to interact with text! It’s certain to become one of your favorites!

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