How Do I Add Video to a TeacherMade Activity?

Using the embedded video feature, you can add videos directly to your TeacherMade activities! Students can watch them in TeacherMade and stop hopping out to YouTube. You can use this feature to attach any video to your activities. From informational videos found online to videos you record yourself for your students, they’re all supported!

To see an example (and a great video!), click here then go to Slide 6.

Here’s how you add videos to your slides:

Start by clicking “+Insert” or drawing a box onto your assignment. From the menu that appears, choose “Video” under “Content Tools.”

The following pop-up will appear:

Start by selecting how the video will be displayed in your activity (more on that in a second!) Then paste the URL of the video into the provided field. TeacherMade supports most public video streaming services and also direct links to video files stored in publicly accessible servers. It does not currently support links from Google Drive.

The Inline and Floating options work like this:

  1. Inline: An Inline video will be displayed directly on your slide as a thumbnail. Use this when you have space in the document and want the student to always see the video. The video will play right in the box you drew, though the student will be able to watch it using their full screen, too.

  1. Floating: A “Floating” video doesn’t play in the box you drew, but instead plays in a floating window that students can move. Use this when there’s no room on the activity for a video box, or if you want the students to be able to scroll through an activity and still see the video playing. When you add a floating video, you’ll position the “Watch Video” button that students will click to start the video.

It’s always a good idea to preview a video before you let students see them. To watch the video, choose the“Edit” to return to the dialog box and watch it there, or use the “Watch Video” button on the menu bar. Of course, you can watch it when you’re previewing the activity as well.

Students will be able to watch videos as they’re interacting with other parts of the assignment. They will not be able to move Inline videos around but they can expand them into a larger window.

With Floating videos, they will be able to move the video throughout other parts of the assignment and also open it into a larger window.

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