What is the Slides Display Type?

TeacherMade’s “Slides” display type brings amazing power and flexibility to your classroom. You can combine instruction with comprehension checks and practice into a single activity. You can start your class in TeacherMade and end it in TeacherMade without having to switch to other applications or print paper handouts. You’ll be able to:

  • Teach directly from within TeacherMade by uploading your existing slide decks.

  • Add comprehension checks throughout your lesson.

  • Incorporate practice activities, quizzes, exit tickets, study questions, and homework right into your teaching materials.

  • Paste existing TeacherMade worksheets into your slide format activities.

  • Play videos right from within TeacherMade slides-- no more YouTube.com visits

  • Add links to external websites, etc.

  • Watch students take notes on your slides as they follow along.

Scrolling vs. Slides

When creating a TeacherMade activity, there are two display styles you can choose from:

  1. Scrolling - Your pages will be joined into one single scrollable page.

  2. Slides - Your activity will be displayed as individual pages that students will step through in order.

While they might look different, both display types allow you to create digital autograded activities. You can turn just about anything into a TeacherMade activity - your trusted PDFs, your slide decks, and everything in between! Let’s take a closer look at how they compare:

Slide View Extra Features

And because the Slide view retains the individual pages, you’ll have more flexibility while editing. You can:

  • Reorder slides

  • Add slides

  • Remove slides

  • Combine pages from multiple documents!

    • You can mix Slides and vertical PDFs!

  • You can even paste an existing TeacherMade activity into a slide presentation!!

Choosing the Display Type

You’ll choose the display style when creating a new activity. You’ll first indicate whether to upload a document or start from a blank document.

Once the file loads, you will see this:

Simply click “Slides” then “Create Activity.”

Navigating Between Slides

Once the activity has been created, it’s time to start adding to it! You have a few options as to how you can navigate between slides as you’re editing. 

The first is to click through the slides using the navigation tool on the far left of your toolbar. Use the arrows to quickly click back and forth between the slides or click on the page count and a drop down menu will appear allowing you to quickly jump to specific slides. 

The second is to use the preview panel to the left of the assignment. This works the same as Google Slides and displays thumbnails of each page. You can use the scrollbar to move between slides or move through each one by clicking on the image thumbnail.

Adding Slides

It’s easy to add slides throughout your activity! To do so, choose the “Slide” menu then either choose to add a “New Blank Slide” or “Create New Slide(s) From a File.”

If you choose to add a blank slide, it will be placed wherever you last clicked in the scroll window. You can easily move the slide if you want it to be elsewhere (instructions down below)

If you choose to create a new slide from a file, you will be prompted to upload a file from your computer. Select the file and then open into TeacherMade:

Select the pages of the document you want to upload and then choose where you want the pages to be located from the dropdown menu under, “Where to add the new page(s)?” You can choose from these four options:

Use this feature to add existing content throughout your activities  or add blank pages and create content from scratch! 

Removing a Slide

Removing an existing slide from a TeacherMade activity is extremely easy! To do so, select the slide you want to delete so it is highlighted and simply click the “Delete” key on your keyboard! You can also choose to select the slide you want to delete and then choose, “Edit” from your menu bar and then “Delete” or choose, “Slide” from your menu bar and then “Delete Slide.”


Reordering Slides

There are two easy ways to reorder slides within your TeacherMade document. The first is to simply click and drag the slide wherever you want it to be using the left scrollbar. The second option is to choose “Slide” from your menu bar and then use the controls shown below to move the slide where you want it to be. 

TeacherMade’s “Slides” display type gives you so much power and flexibility! You can see why so many have called in a “game changer.” How will you use it in your classroom?

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