How Do I Score an Open Answer Question?

Did you know that TeacherMade’s only non-autoscored item type is actually scorable!! Although the Open Answer question type cannot be auto-graded, you can assign points to it and score it after a student submits their work! Here’s how. 

Set the Points of an Open Answer Question

Start by drawing an Open Answer question type onto your activity. You’ll notice “Item Points” on your menu bar:

Select the point value you want assigned to the question (up to 10 points). 

Awarding Points to Students

Once a student submits their work, you’ll be able to review their answers and assign points, up to the maximum you set earlier.

Each student’s Open Answer text box will be highlighted in purple when they submit their work. The color purple is an indicator to you that the question is scorable but hasn’t been scored yet! 

When you hover over the item, you will see this pop-up:

To award points to the student based on their answer, select “Set Score” next to the score. The pop-up will change to show this:

Type in the number of points you want to award the student and then choose, “Save.”

Once you click “Save,” the box will switch to green to let you know that it has been scored. The student will see this question marked as correct and the points will be added to their total score. 

You can change the score after saving by choosing “Adjust”

It’s as easy as that! Don’t forget you can also mark up Open Answer questions using the tools on your toolbar!

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