Schoology: How do I fix a “Forbidden 403” message when I create an assignment in Schoology?

First, let’s understand what’s happening. When you look at a activity, Schoology passes us your E-mail address. We look that up in our database, and find your activity. If your E-mail is different in Schoology than it is in TeacherMade, then we won’t be able to find you and you’ll get the 403 error as a result. Since this has been the case for so many Teachers, we have made it easy to fix.

To prevent this message, you can add a second E-mail address to TeacherMade (e.g. the E-mail you use for your Schoology account), and we’ll look for both E-mail addresses when we get a Schoology request for an activity.

To add a second E-mail to your TeacherMade account, sign in to TeacherMade and click your Profile icon in the upper right of the screen.

Choose “Update E-mail.”

Enter your second Email address in the field, then click “Add Email.”


Your second address will appear on the screen. But notice – and this is important! – that the E-mail is unverified.

So, go into your E-mail system, find the E-mail just sent from TeacherMade, and follow the instructions to verify that second E-mail address!

Once you’ve done that, you can use either E-mail to sign in to TeacherMade. And now, we’ll be able to find your activities when Schoology asks for them. So, go back to Schoology and reload the assignment. Voila! Problem solved!


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