How do I use the Bar Graph tool?

The Bar Graph item lets your students answer questions by shading in parts of a bar graph.

To create a Bar Graph question type, follow these instructions. 

Insert a Bar Graph

Either click and drag on your activity or choose insert from your menu bar to bring up the insert popup. Then choose “Bar Graph.”

A window will open allowing you to create your bar graph. 

Change the X- and Y-Axis Labels

The axes are labeled “Y-Axis” and “X-Axis.” To change that text, click the pencil icon next to either label. 

Enter your new label and you will see your changes reflected on the graph. 

Edit the Bars

The graph has two bars by default. If you’d like to add more bars, choose the green “+” sign to the right of the last bar. You can add a maximum of 16 bars to each bar graph. 

To remove bars from the graph, choose the red, “-” sign below the bar you want to remove. TeacherMade will automatically remove the bar.

Change Bar Settings

When you add a bar to the graph or if you click the pencil icon below a bar, you can edit the following settings:

Bar NameEnter the name you want displayed below the corresponding bar on the graph.
Background ColorChoose a color to fill the bar. Select, "Apply to all bars" if you want all bars to be the same color. 
Bar SpacingChoose “None” if you want the bars to be side by side (histogram style) or choose “Add Spacing” if you want a slight space between each bar (bar graph style).
Border WidthSet the width of the borders around each bar.
Border Style

Select the style of the border around each bar.

Border ColorSelect the border color that outlines each bar’s possible values.

Edit the Y-Axis

To edit the Y-Axis, click the pencil icon to the left of the Y-Axis labels. These options will appear on the right side of the pop-up:

To add lines to the Y-Axis, click a green “+” icon. To remove lines, click the appropriate red “-” icon. Enter labels into the boxes. You can leave labels blank. For example, here’s how to label every other line on the Y-Axis: 

Setting the Correct Answers

Now let’s set the correct answers! To do so, simply click the correct value within the bars. TeacherMade will automatically fill the bar between the X-Axis and the value you select. For example, if you want to fill up 3 rows, just click on the third row. Click a second time if you wish to change the value you initially selected.

When you’re done, choose, “Save Bar Graph.” The Bar Graph popup will close and you’ll see the graph in your activity similar to how your students will view it. To re-open it and continue editing, double click on the bar graph or choose, “Edit” from your menu bar. 

If you want to remove your changes, choose, “Cancel All Changes” and TeacherMade will revert the bar graph to what it was when you opened it up to edit it.

What Your Students Will See

Students will see an empty Bar graph. To answer the question, students will click within each bar to choose the correct value. They may click again to change a mistaken answer. 


The score will be evaluated when the student submits their answer. Students must completely answer the question to receive the score points. Partial credit is not awarded, so students must fill in all bars correctly to receive the point value of the question. 

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