How To Fix "You Cannot Begin This Assignment Outside the LTI Environment" Error

That error generally indicates that our web cookies aren't working for the student. Typically that happens because Canvas and Schoology forces us to launch worksheets while surrounded by their interface. And since we're embedded like that, the cookies we use are considered "third party cookies."
Some browsers like Safari block third party cookies by default. In Chrome, they tend to be allowed, but it's entirely possible your IT organization has decided to block them. And it's possible that the student is launching in Incognito mode in Chrome, where third party cookies are blocked by default.

TeacherMade Does Not Support Incognito Mode in Canvas and Schoology

If your student launched in an Incognito window, have them try without it. If the error still persists, let's try allowing cookies for by following the directions below for their browser.

Before You Allow Third Party Cookies

Before enabling Third Party Cookies, we encourage you to involve your IT support people in this, as we don't wish to sidestep their policies. We're on their side (and they're on yours) so we want them to be aware of changes like this. 

For the record, this is such a common problem in LMSs that there's a task force in the 1EdTech standards organization trying to solve it. (

Allowing Third Party Cookies in Chrome

To allow third party cookies in Chrome:
  • Click the 3-dot menu in the far upper right of your browser.
  • Then select "Settings."
  • In the "Search Settings" box, type "cookies."
  • Click "Cookies and Other Site Data."

At this point, you can choose to allow cookies for all sites or to allow them for just

To allow cookies for all sites:
  • Click "Block third-party cookies in Incognito" which is Chrome's default and will keep you safe and private when in Incognito mode, though if your student launching in Incognito mode

OR - To allow cookies for just
  • Click the "Add" button next to "Sites that can always use cookies" under "Customized Behaviors."
  • When prompted, enter ""
  • Check the box reading "Including third-party cookies on this site."

Allowing Third Party Cookies in Safari

To permit third party cookies in Safari:
  • Go into the Safari menu.
  • Choose "Preferences…"
  • Choose "Privacy."
  • Uncheck the box reading “Prevent cross-site tracking.” It will save that automatically.

Have the student retry the activity.

Changing the Settings on Multiple Devices

The instructions above can help you to fix the problem for the device you changed settings for. Your IT department may have device control software that change the settings across multiple devices. If you or they need assistance, just send an email to

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