How To Clear Your Browser Cache

What is a Browser Cache?

When you open a webpage, your browser needs to load a lot of different files to draw that page for you. Those files can sometimes be large and take a long time to download. So, your browser saves downloaded files on your computer in its "cache." If your browser thinks it has a recent copy of one of the files it needs, it will use its copy rather than request that file from the server. It's a clever way to make internet applications faster. 

You might run into trouble, though, if the copy the browser thinks it has the most recent file, but there's actually a newer one on the server. That's when it's time to "clear your cache" to throw out those old copies so your browser is forced to get the latest from the server.

Just follow these instuctions below to clear the cache from these browsers.


  • Click the "three dot" menu in the upper right corner.

  • Choose "More tools."
  • Choose "Clear browsing data..."
    • Alternately, you can hit Ctrl-Shift-Del on your keyboard to bring up the "Clear browsing data" dialog.
  • Check the "Cached images and files" option.
  • Click the "Clear data" button.

Refresh your page, and your browser will load the latest files from TeacherMade.

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