How do I use TeacherMade with non-English languages?

TeacherMade is used across the globe in nearly all the world's languages! While our default language is English, we allow you to turn on other characters for you and your students to use in various interactivities. We've got a full suite of accents and diacritical marks to support many languages!

Turning on Special Characters

To use TeacherMade's accents and diacritical marks, you must turn them on for each worksheet. To do so, simply edit the content of your worksheet, then choose "Settings" and "Special Characters" from the menu.

That will bring up a list of the special character sets that TeacherMade supports. You can check off as many as you'd like. Then click "Save" 

What Special Characters Does TeacherMade Support?

Currently, TeacherMade supports the following special characters. You can choose more than one character set if you need to.

Where Are the Characters Available?

The special characters are available anywhere you or your students can type text. That includes the Short Answer question type, the Open Answer question type and the Text Box object. Note for Short Answer question types, TeacherMade will require accented characters input by students to match the accented characters you input as correct answers. If you want to accept accented and unaccented answers as correct, you'll have to enter each one separately.

What Does It Look Like to Students?

When you've enabled special characters for the worksheet, the student will see a toolbar below the input field.

The student can type English characters directly from their keyboard, and when they wish to enter a special character, they can click one of the characters from the toolbar, which will be inserted into the text at the cursor position.

To insert capital characters, the student can either use the shift key, or can enable shift-lock on the toolbar by clicking the up arrow on the right side. 

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