I received an email that says I have access to TeacherMade! What do I do?

What is TeacherMade?

TeacherMade is an amazingly easy to use application that lets you transform your existing classroom materials into auto-scored digital activities! You'll upload a PDF or Word document, spend a few fun minutes dropping interactive elements onto it, then give it to your students and let the system do the rest. Use it for bell ringers, practice, homework, exit tickets... there's no end to how you can use TeacherMade!

Why Did I Get an Email?

When your school or district purchases a license for TeacherMade, they'll send us a list of Teachers that should be given access. When we import that list, we'll send you an email letting you know about your new account, and giving you the temporary password we've assigned to you. Or, you may have gotten an email from your administration or technical lead informing you of your new TeacherMade account and sending you the password to use. In either case, you're now a TeacherMade PRO user!! Congratulations!! Just follow these instructions to get started with TeacherMade.

Sign In to TeacherMade

First, sign you in with your temporary password.

  • Visit https://www.teachermade.com
  • Bookmark that URL in your browser so it's easy to come back.
  • Click the link in the upper right of the screen that reads "Login/Return to APP."
  • On the sign-up page, enter your email and the temporary password you were given.
  • Click the "Sign In" button.

You're in!!

Read the Splash Screen

You may see a large graphic when you login. Be sure to read it! It's where we announce critical product updates and other important news. There's usually a "Learn More" button if you wish to read more. Otherwise, click "Continue to my account."

Follow the Guided Tours

When you've successfully logged in, you will arrive at the TeacherMade home screen, known as "My Worksheets." The system knows its your first time in, and will offer a guided tour, showing you where the important interface elements are, and explaining the basics of how TeacherMade works. Click the Next button to step through the instructions and use the "X" button to close them when you're done.

Look at the Sample Worksheets

We gave you a folder of some Sample Worksheets to show you the types of things you can do with TeacherMade. Click the "Sample Worksheets" folder, then use the eyeball icon next to any of them to see a worksheet in action! Close it with the "X" when you're done.

Change Your Password

You're almost read to begin creating your own worksheets and giving them to students! But, remember that the password we provided you is a temporary password, and you should change it before starting to dive in deeper. To change your password:

  • Click the Profile icon in the upper right of the TeacherMade application.
  • Choose "Change Password" from the menu.
  • Enter your temporary password and your new password (twice). Then click the button.

If you ever forget your password, just visit the Sign In page and click the "Forgot Password?" link.

Add "Sign In with Google"

You already manage enough passwords. TeacherMade makes it very easy to sign in using a Google account if you already have one. Just follow these instructions and you'll be able to use the convenient "Sign In with Google" button!

Now What?

Now, you're ready to begin creating worksheets and giving them to your students! If you need help learning how to import files, add interactivities, or make and grade assignments, just visit the TeacherMade Help Center. How do you get there? You're already in it! Just click "Home" in the top menu and start exploring! 

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