Submissions Screen: Actions, Details, Scoring, and Feedback

Submissions Screen: Actions, Details, Scoring, 

and Feedback

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The submission screen is where you can see all of the details of the assignment, leave scores and comments and even print it for your students' portfolios!

Assignment Details

Scrolling Buttons

Easily scroll through your students' work, or use the drop down to select a specific student's assignment. 

  1. Click on the arrow buttons  to scroll  left and right through your students' assignments while grading. 

Click on the downward arrow next to the students name/ID number to select a specific student in your class.


This is where you will see the details of the assignment.

  • Status: Student progress - Whether the assignment has been


  • Name of Student

  • Edit Student Name: When clicking on this button you will be able to:

    • View:

      • Students Original Name 

      • Email

    • Change:

      •  Display Name:  This name will be displayed everywhere in the app instead of the original student name. Please note that this is only for you as the teacher. It does not change the name, id or email that students use to access the account. 

  • Time on task: TeacherMade records the time students spend on task. Click on view history to see the full breakdown of time. 

  • Score type :

There are three ways in which you can grade a TeacherMade assignment. 

  1. Auto - is the auto scoring grade in which TeacherMade gives to your students after they submit their worksheet.

  1. Auto + Teacher - allows the teacher to override the final score of the assignment by adding or removing points to both the total possible score or the total achieved by the student.

 Note: Changing the total possible only affects the score for the one assignment, not for the assignment as a whole. 

  • This is great to use for: 

    • Extra Credit 

    • Giving points for work shown 

  1. Custom - this is strictly where you give the student a score based on performance.

  • Final Score: TeacherMade will calculate the final score the student receives.

  • Return Submission /Undo Return By clicking on this button you are able to ‘Return Submission’ to the student. You are also able to ‘Undo Submission’ after it is returned. 


Using the comment feature you can enter a comment for the student to see. It will be visible to them whenever the student accesses the given assignment. 

How do you leave a comment? 

  1. Click on the ‘Comment’ 

  1. Type in the box! The comment will automatically save on your students assignment.

 Note: You can make the box bigger or smaller by resizing it using the lower right hand corner.

Actions Dropdown

By clicking on the ‘Actions’ button you are able to:

  • Reopen/Reset the Assignment: This creates a new assignment for your student

  • Set as Completed: End the assignment so your student no longer has access

  • Return Submission: Students will be able to see their score and teacher comments

  • Edit Student Names: Edit all or selected students ‘Display Names’ within your classroom. These names will be displayed everywhere in the app instead of the original student names. Please note that this is only for you as the teacher. It does not change the name, id, or email that students use to access the app. 

  • Print: Print student work for their portfolios

  • How do you print student work?

  1. Click on the ‘Print’ button 

  2. Your print screen will appear. 

  3. Be sure that Background graphics is chosen, select your properties, then print!

  • Delete Submission: It will no longer exist!


When you are finished scoring the paper, and making magic happen, you can close out of the Submissions review.

How do you close the Submissions review? 

  1. Click on the ‘Back’ button in the upper right hand corner.

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