Viewing/Accessing Student Submissions

The Assignment Detail Screen

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You instantly see submitted work with TeacherMade’s technology. We make grading easy with our auto-grading features, but you also have the flexibility to grade work and provide purposeful feedback to your students.

You have multiple ways to view student progress and submissions on TeacherMade.

  1. After assigning the worksheet you will be able to view student submissions on the same screen. 

  2. You may also access student submissions by clicking on the Worksheet you assigned this will bring you to the ‘Worksheet Detail’ screen.

  3. Click on the assignment and you will be brought to the Assignment Detail Screen

  • On the left hand side of the screen you will be able to: 

    • /

      • When the assignment is locked students will not be able to start new submissions or continue working on open submissions. 

    • Preview the assignment 

    • Edit the Answer Key and Title of the Assignment

    • View:

      • When it is created 

      • Delivery Type

      • Sign in

    • Share the link with your students 

    • Share on Google Classroom 

    • Share on Microsoft Teams

    • If the assignment was published in Google Classroom you may also:

      • Go to Google Classroom

      • Sync Scores

    • When click on the   you have the option to: 

      • Edit, Lock, Rescore or Archive Assignment 

      • Edit Student Names

  • In the middle of the screen will be your Student Submissions there you will be able to view:

    • Student progress -Whether the assignment has been


  • Student scores (if work has been submitted) or returned

  • Submission Date 

  • The gray box next to the submission date will allow you to:

    • Review Submission

    • Reopen/Rest

    • Set as Completed 

    • Return Submission 

    • Delete Submission

  • You may click on your student name to go directly to the ‘Submissions Screen’ where you can view individual student work.

             ► Note: On the header of the Submissions page you will see a gray box 

  • By clicking on this box you will be able to:

    • Review All Submissions

    • Reset/Reopen Selected

    • Set Selected as Completed 

    • Return Selected 

    • Export Scores to CSV

             ► Note: If assigning your worksheet on Google Classroom, you will have the option to ‘Go to Google Classroom’ or ‘Sync Scores’

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