How do I use the Hyperlink tool and what can I do with it?

Use the Hyperlink tool to insert URLs, Google Docs, Google Slides, YouTube videos, etc. into your TeacherMade activity. The hyperlink tool is found on the right side of the toolbar and looks like a paper clip. 

This tool can have a powerful impact on your activities by bringing the Worldwide Web to your students! It’s very easy to use.

To insert a hyperlink, select 'Insert' from the toolbar or click down on your activity, which will cause the Tools menu to pop up.  Click, or Click and Drag 

Select ‘Link’ from the Content Tools menu on the right side of the pop-up window.

Draw a box on your assignment where you would like the link to be. Once you do so, these options will appear below your toolbar:

Using these, you can edit:

  • the color of the border around the box
  • the font size and color of the words in the box
  • if the box is transparent or solid. 

Next, select ‘Edit Link,’ or double click in your Hyperlink Box. Your ‘Edit Link’ Screen will appear.

Here is where you: 

  • Add the URL: enter the URL you would like to set the hyperlink to (must include http:// or https://) 
  • Add a Label: Type in the label you want your students to see. It will be inside of the box; depending on its length, you may need to resize your box.

*Be sure to click on ‘Save Changes’ when done.

**We suggest previewing this page before assigning to ensure the hyperlink is easy for your students to recognize. When your students click on the link, the website will open in a new window.

Hyperlink Tool Explainer Video 

Here is a video to see how to use the tool:

What does my student see?

Currently, the student sees only what you’ve placed onto the activity via the Hyperlink tool. The system does not place a thumbnail of the target URL or video onto the activity. For safety reasons, you must do that for the students. 

But because your space may be limited, be sure to put a meaningful name onto your hyperlink like in the screen capture below. This is a best practice so your student doesn't see a raw https:// address. 


When you use the Hyperlink tool, you draw a box on your activity, as described above. Then you select the Edit Hyperlink button from the toolbar, add in the URL, and give the box a meaningful label that the student will read.

PRO TIP: If you’re concerned that the student won’t know what to do, start your label with “Click here to…”

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