How do I use the Matching tool?

The Matching tool lets students draw a line from one object to another. It’s for 1:1 matches only, e.g. the word “frog” and a picture of a frog can be matched with a line.

To create a matching activity, select the Matching tool and then draw boxes around each of the objects you want the student to match. To create the correct answer, click on a single item, then hold down the Shift key and click on its correct pair/match. Click on the Edit Matching tab to make any scoring or formatting changes. (Hold the Ctrl key down while clicking to undo the match.)

For more detailed directions keep reading :) 

After you click on ‘Insert’ on the toolbar (or click down on your activity  Click, or Click and Drag), select ‘Matching’ from the Tools menu

Your mouse will turn to cross-hairs and the top of the toolbar will tell you to ‘Click in the worksheet to add a(n) ‘Matching.’ 

When clicking down on your assignment an answer box will appear. Resize it by dragging the blue border markers around its outside.  

  • Create multiple Matching answer boxes: Press the spacebar to stay in the tool, and continue drawing your boxes, pressing the spacebar between each one. Click on your first box and duplicate it using the Ctrl + D shortcut. Move the boxes to where they belong on your activity.

  • Connect your matched pairs: Click on one box, then hold the shift key down while clicking on its pair. A blue line will appear showing that they are attached. Both answers will turn green.

  • Disconnect your matches: Hold down the Crtl button and click on one answer box in your pair. The blue line will disappear and your answer choices will turn red.

There are two ways you can change the point value of your question:

  1. Clicking on ‘Edit’ on your toolbar.

Select the new point value, then click on ‘Save Changes.’

  1. Choose the point value from the drop-down on your toolbar:


Matching Tool Explainer Video 

Here’s a quick video explaining how to use this feature:

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