Track Student Progress on Classroom and Homework Assignments

Amanda uses TeacherMade to track her students' progress on classroom and homework assignments and increase accountability in the classroom.

TeacherMade helps Teachers see student struggles on assignments in real-time

My name is Amanda Mendenhall, and I teach 7th-grade geography. TeacherMade has allowed me to use small group instruction to help my students with the concept of being taught and being successful in the classroom. I can assign work independently to my students and see the real-time struggles they may be having with the concept. I am also able to see the students that are finally getting the concept after many struggles.

Give automatic feedback and immediate confirmation to students as they work

Because of TeacherMade, I can work with small groups but may have missed a piece of information that I taught, or I can challenge my students that have already grasped the concept and are ready to move on. I can correct and give automatic feedback to my students as they work, allowing them the immediate confirmation most students are looking for. I can also do this without the students being called on or feeling that they are embarrassed due to the comment section of TeacherMade. Because of these features, my students know they should be in and are expected to work on the assignment when given time in class. This helps to hold my students accountable for their independent work and ensure they are on task at all times in class whenever they are expected to be on task. 

Increase student accountability with TeacherMade

When the classroom first became more of a digital classroom during the beginning of Covid, students struggled with accountability for doing their assignments. So as we move further into making the classroom a digital classroom, we realized that we had to show some accountability to our students. TeacherMade has helped because my students know I can see if they open the assignment, have begun working on their side, or have completed the assignment. This has increased accountability for our students because we can see the real-time happenings on their devices. Talk about a game changer! We can hold all the students accountable for their assignments even better than when we had paper copies. Students can do work that is comfortable for them and the teacher. This also allows parents to see the assignment as students work on it, so they can help at home as if it were a paper copy.

TeacherMade helps Teachers communicate with parents about their student's progress

Since Google classroom and TeacherMade work together so nicely, my parents only have to sign up for Google classroom to see their students' assignments. The parents get notifications that the assignment has been posted; they also get notifications of when the assignment is due and make notifications if they sign it is late. TeacherMade has made student accountability a huge priority in the classroom. Because of the timestamp that TeacherMade puts on the assignments, this cut down on students not being truthful about turning in an assignment. They know I can see when they were on, how long they were on, and when they turned in the assignment. This makes them more honest and builds integrity in the classroom. I like this feature because the parents can see the same information if I print it and show it to them. With TeacherMade, we have eliminated most of the "student's word vs. teacher's word" issues I have encountered during parent-teacher conferences. This allows me to have real conversations with parents about their student's progress. I can show parents how long the student was on the assignment and when they first opened it. The possibilities are almost endless with TeacherMade.  

Give immediate feedback to your students and track their progress as they complete assignments with TeacherMade.

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