TeacherMade Help Teachers Adopt New Technology into the Classroom

Hello! My name is Elena, and I teach elementary school French in Ontario, Canada. I'm writing today to encourage you to add technology to your teaching practice. For many teachers, learning to use technology can be overwhelming and frustrating. Sometimes I feel that way, too, especially when trying to get used to a new program or website. I hope I can give you some inspiration about ways to use tech in your classroom without it being too burdensome or stressful. In particular, I highly recommend checking out TeacherMade, a great website for tech newcomers.

How can Teachers start using technology in their classrooms?

My main piece of advice to you is to "start from where you are." We often say this in relation to our students, but it also applies to us as educators! What kinds of technology do you already know how to use? For example, do you know how to use word processing software such as Microsoft Word? How could you use this tech in new or different ways? Can you use your school's LMS (i.e., Google Classroom), even in a basic way? Do you know how to scan images using a photocopier? If you can do all these things, then you already have the skills you need to use TeacherMade.

TeacherMade helps turn existing worksheets into digital worksheets

TeacherMade is a website that allows us to turn our pre-existing worksheets into digital activities our students can complete online. I have found this website helpful with my teaching, as it saves paper, makes it easy for me to keep assignments organized, and my students find it very engaging. It's also extremely simple to use, both for teachers and students.

How do you get started with TeacherMade?

First, you need to sign up for a TeacherMade account using your work email address. Then, click "New Worksheet" at the top of the page. The app will ask you to upload a file to use as the basis for your activity. Since you know how to scan images with a photocopier, you might already have some PDF versions of worksheets saved to your computer. Pick one you'd like to use, then drag and drop the file with your mouse to the website. When you're first starting out on TeacherMade, I recommend starting simple. Choose a worksheet that isn't too complicated, such as one that mostly consists of text boxes.

How do you edit worksheets and add interactive questions in TeacherMade?

Next, TeacherMade will bring you to the editing screen. If you've ever used Microsoft Word, this editing screen will look familiar to you. During this step, you will decide how you want your students to interact with the worksheet online. You can choose many different question types, but I recommend starting with the basics, such as short answer and long answer questions. Just click 'insert,' then 'short answer,' then click where you want the text box to appear. 

How do you share worksheets with students once completed in TeacherMade?

Once you're finished creating questions on your TeacherMade activity, it's time to send it out to your students. Click the 'x' at the top right of the page, and the app will ask you to 'create an assignment.' TeacherMade can automatically upload your worksheet to the site if your school uses a Learning Management System. If not, no problem! TeacherMade can generate a link you can send to your students in whichever way is easiest for you.

How does TeacherMade inspire Teachers to embrace new technology in the classroom?

Once you've gotten the hang of the basics, you'll find that there are endless ways to get creative with TeacherMade. You may feel inspired to branch out and try using other types of tech in the classroom, too! Don't be afraid to ask for help, try new things, and remember: start from where you are!

TeacherMade is a must-have technology for Teachers looking to add interactive, digital worksheets to their lesson plans. With its easy-to-use platform, TeacherMade is a great way to add more technology to any classroom.

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