TeacherMade Helps Technology in the Classroom Seem Less Overwhelming

How has TeacherMade helped you create engaging assignments for your students?

My name is Amanda Mendenhall, and I teach 7th-grade geography in Oklahoma. TeacherMade will be your new best friend. It will give you your life back as a teacher or any role you play in life. It allows you to build relationships with your colleagues because you aren't stuck in your room creating engaging and interactive assignments for your students.

How does TeacherMade help Teachers become excited in the classroom?

You will initially want to sign up for the TeacherMade emails. Each time they send you an email, they will send out examples of an assignment that has been created that all you have to do is copy and assign it to your classroom. You will begin to see the ease of the program using these assignments. From there, you will want more and more of your assignments to be created through TeacheMade. As you go through and upload different worksheets, you will find the ease of the program. TeacherMade will help you to become excited in the classroom with your students and watch their growth as they go through the year. Not only will your students grow intellectually, but they will also grow in confidence and resilience to continue trying. With TeacherMade, the possibilities are almost endless for what you can do for your students. 

How does TeacherMade help make technology usage less overwhelming?

I understand trying new programs sometimes can seem daunting and overwhelming. TeacherMade will give you more confidence to extend yourself out and give you the understanding that your classroom doesn't have to be worksheet after worksheet. Students will enjoy your class and want to learn more than you ever expected them to learn. I want them to learn and wish they would learn. Your students will look forward to coming to class each day to see what new cool, interesting, engaging activities you have waiting for them. 

How does TeacherMade help you build relationships at your school?

TeacherMade also gives you back the ability to build relationships with your colleagues. As teachers, we strive and want to have relationships with those around us. And it's tough when you have to spend hours trying to create engaging and interactive activities to help your students. Then, after you create an activity, you have to duplicate them repeatedly for your class. Again you're spending hours trying to make copies and ensure that you have enough for each student. The teacher needing to be in the copy room for 4 hours has been eliminated. You can assign your students the digital version of the assignment for your class. Relationships with your colleagues have then been put wayside for your students again. As teachers, we struggle to put ourselves first. We always want to put our students ahead of our needs and desires. TeacherMade has changed that for me personally. I can go out and build relationships with teachers new to the building or just teachers I haven't had a chance to talk to. Not only have I been able to build friendships from getting out of my classroom in the copy room, but I have also become a mentor to other teachers. My colleagues see me not only as a friend but also as someone who can help them through their struggles in their classroom. TeacherMade has helped me become a leader in my classroom and school, which is what I strive to be for my students and colleagues. Each day I look at my classroom, and I see all the success my students are having, not just from teaching them but from them teaching their peers and me. Step out on a limb and enjoy your year as an engaging loving teacher. 


TeacherMade makes it easy for teachers to adopt new technology in the classroom. Spend less time printing copies and more time interacting with your students and other teachers. Build exciting and interactive worksheets with TeacherMade.

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