TeacherMade Integrates Seamlessly with Schoology

Ms. Rachelle uses TeacherMade to create assignments and distributes them to her Science students through Schoology.

Why did you choose TeacherMade over Schoology's built-in assignment builder? 

In my classroom, I use TeacherMade with Schoology instead of the program's built-in assignment builder. I found that the options that Schoology gave me were hard to create and hard to grade. They took way more time to set up than just printing a worksheet. 



Schoology gives minimal options when grading assignments. It took a lot longer than TeacherMade and gave no options for retakes or feedback. We would spend all this time creating assignments that would then only be able to be used in Schoology. The assignments couldn't be used outside of the program or printed easily. My team and I rarely used Schoology as an online classroom space outside of just posting PDF copies of notes or assignments we gave as paper assignments in class. It just wasn't giving us what we needed for our classes. We talked about what we wanted to see in an online assignment builder while we were out in Spring of 2020, and by the next school year, I had found TeacherMade through TikTok. 

TeacherMade makes it easy to transform paper worksheets into fully auto-graded, interactive assignments

We wanted an online assignment builder that could do what TeacherMade does. We wanted to use what we already had made in other years and digitize it. We wanted to make it easier to grade and not take more time to create than it would take the students to complete the assignment. My team and I like that we can still choose to give students a paper copy of the assignment and not feel like we wasted hours getting a digital assignment ready, just for it to be completely abandoned. With TeacherMade, it doesn't usually take more than 15-20 minutes to transform an assignment into a fully auto-graded, interactive assignment, especially with a bit of practice. 

TeacherMade makes it easy to distribute assignments with Schoology

Once we have converted our assignments into a TeacherMade assignment, we use Schoology to distribute it to our students. We create copies for each class and link them to the corresponding class on Schoology. This helps with organization and student monitoring. If I just assigned one copy to all of my classes, it would be harder to focus on the 30 or so students currently working in front of me. It also is easier when grading assignments. I can go through each class in TeacherMade, the same as I go through them in PowerSchool. 

Save time and paper with TeacherMade's digital, interactive worksheet creator

My team was happy to find something so close to what we were looking for to make our classrooms truly digital. With our recent one-to-one transition, we wanted to limit paper assignments and focus on digital ones. We didn't want the options from Schoology, which were time-consuming and limited. TeacherMade gives us a lot more options with fewer complications.

TeacherMade makes it easy to create digital, interactive assignments and distribute them to students via the Schoology LMS. TeacherMade easily syncs with Schoology for auto-grading features that will save you time.

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