TeacherMade Easily Integrates with Google Classroom to Streamline Assigning and Grading

Elena is a French teacher who uses TeacherMade to create interactive assignments that easily integrate with Google Classroom.

TeacherMade makes it easy to create assignments that sync seamlessly with Google Classroom

With each passing year, schools rely more on Learning Management Systems to assign work, grade assignments, and communicate with students. I teach French to multiple grade levels and have used Google Classroom at my school for the last two years. Although Google Classroom is a fantastic tool for learning, it can be time-consuming to navigate. When I discovered the TeacherMade app, it helped me to save a lot of precious time in this regard. TeacherMade makes it easy to create assignments and sync them to Google Classroom, send grades to students, and even leave comments on their work.  

"TeacherMade helps me to save time when assigning work on Google Classroom."

I signed up for TeacherMade with my school's Gmail domain and was able to connect my TeacherMade account to Google. When I create an activity on TeacherMade, I can simply click a button that says that I will be assigning the work on Google Classroom. Then, the app asks me which class I would like to assign the work to. Once that is finished, the assignment will automatically appear in the correct grade's Google Classroom' classwork' page. The student can then navigate to the page and click a link to get to their assignment. This is a huge timesaver since I don't have to manually go into Google Classroom and create the assignment.

TeacherMade saves time with grading on Google Classroom

I can set up an auto-grading feature on TeacherMade for many of my assignments. With this method, I input correct answers ahead of time, and then the app does the grading for me once a student submits their work. I can manually input a grade manually through the app for projects with more subjective answers. Once I'm finished grading, I can ask TeacherMade to sync my students' scores to Google Classroom automatically. That way, the grades I assigned on TeacherMade appear in my Google Classroom grade book, and the results can be sent back to students. This saves me a lot of time, as I don't have to flip back and forth between tabs if I want all my grades in one place. 

TeacherMade makes communication quick and easy on Google Classroom

When grading work on TeacherMade, there are two main ways for me to leave comments. Firstly, I can type general comments in a text box on the left-hand side of the page. Or, I also can type directly onto the student's worksheet if I want to address a specific section of their work. TeacherMade also includes drawing tools so I can circle and highlight their work, just like I would on paper. The student can access these comments through their Google Classroom assignment. All they need to do is click on the link on the assignment page to reopen their work, and they will be able to access my suggestions. Since TeacherMade integrates so easily into Google Classroom, I don't need to leave comments in two places, saving me a lot of precious time. 

TeacherMade helps Teachers spend more time with students and less time struggling with technology

As time passes, educators are becoming more reliant on online tools in their day-to-day work. However, these tools should work for us rather than the inverse. If you find using your school's LMS a time drain, I recommend giving TeacherMade a try. It can help to streamline the process between assigning, grading, and leaving comments by allowing you to do all these tasks from one convenient app. With TeacherMade, more of your precious time can be dedicated to your students, rather than using it to struggle with technology!

TeacherMade easily integrates with Google Classroom and other learning management systems (LMS) to help Teachers save time assignment work, grading, and communicating with students.

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