Create Assignments in TeacherMade and Deliver Them Seamlessly Through Google Classroom

Emily uses TeacherMade to create assignments that she posts to Google Classroom.

"TeacherMade is constantly improving how TeacherMade and Google Classroom work together."

Our district is a Google district, and we use Google Classroom as our online platform. I love how much TeacherMade has improved its integration with Google Classroom. TeacherMade is constantly improving how TeacherMade and Google Classroom works together. I can create an assignment through TeacherMade to be delivered via Google Classroom. TeacherMade understands the value of online platforms, and they've listened to what educators are looking for and need, and they've delivered!


TeacherMade can automatically record grades in Google Classroom

TeacherMade has made working with Google Classroom very convenient. I can create all of my worksheets in TeacherMade, then create an assignment to be delivered to Google Classroom. When an assignment has been submitted via TeacherMade, the score is automatically recorded in Google Classroom. This is very helpful to see the overall progress of the entire class at a glance. Though TeacherMade records all student data, and you can view information on TeacherMade, it's helpful to have some organization within each classroom through Google Classroom. Using Google Classroom's Grade Book while TeacherMade syncs scores directly to Google Classroom is a huge timesaver.

TeacherMade's auto-grading feature holds students accountable by showing scores immediately after the assignment has been completed

We have expectations in our classroom, and one of the important expectations is students be held accountable. This integration between TeacherMade and Google Classroom is especially helpful when checking off homework when it's due. If the assignment is submitted via TeacherMade, a student has a score for that assignment visible in Google Classroom. If a student has not submitted their work, there is no score for that student in Google Classroom. It's easy to decipher those that are done with their assignment and those that need to complete it, and sometimes it's as simple as the student clicking 'Submit' in TeacherMade. Sometimes, an assignment may be from a different source, like Google Docs or Slides. It is extremely helpful to continue using the online platform, like Google Classroom, to deliver and house all assignments. 

The options available when creating an assignment are useful for the various levels of teaching and assessing. When creating an assignment, you can choose the point value (TeacherMade reminds you how many points are on the worksheet), whether or not students can see their score and percentage, and if you want students to see if their answers are correct or incorrect. If a student's answer is incorrect, there's also an option for them to hover and view the correct answer. I almost always choose for students to be able to view their scores and whether or not their answers are correct or incorrect. Since I want my students to fix their answers once they've submitted their assignments, I hide the correct answer if they get it wrong. On an assessment, I show students the correct answer for immediate feedback. Having options in how feedback is shown to students helps cater to each level of learning, whether it's activities, practice, or assessment.


TeacherMade lets Teachers schedule assignments to multiple Google Classrooms simultaneously

I am especially thankful for the feature of posting to multiple Google Classrooms at the same time. I have taught three math classes within the same year, and I can easily assign to all classes at the same time. What makes this even better is the option to post the assignment immediately upon creating or to "Save as Draft" to post later. If you choose the "Save as Draft" option, whenever you are ready to post the assignment, you go into your Google Classroom and post it. This helps me prepare beforehand to get everything ready for class, but it also gives me the power to schedule assignments when I've completed an assignment. I can also go into my Google Classroom and organize the assignment as needed, in addition to giving it a due date.

TeacherMade integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom and other learning management systems (LMS). From auto-grading to auto-scheduling assignments in Google Classroom, TeacherMade saves time and helps Teachers stay organized.

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