Monitor Students' Progress with TeacherMade

Ms. Panullo uses TeacherMade to monitor her Science students' progress when working on assignments.

TeacherMade's auto-grading feature helps Teachers monitor student progress

In my classroom, I monitor my students' progress using TeacherMade. I also use my district's screen monitoring software, but it can only show me what screen they are on and not how they are progressing on their work. In a TeacherMade assignment, I can see how much of the assignment they've completed and their approximate score based on the auto-graded items. 


Use TeacherMade to review difficult questions with students

I like using TeacherMade for progress monitoring because I can see my students' progress on an assignment and click into their assignments to see if there is anything they are struggling with that I may need to address. For example, if I see that many of my students are getting a wonky answer to a question, I know I may need to pause the class and bring the assignment up on the board to address the issue. I can also start to pull students into small groups if I see they are all stuck at a certain percentage for a long time. I can work with those students apart from the rest of the class that may be further along in the assignment and need less assistance. 

Assign due dates and auto-schedule assignments with TeacherMade

On most of the assignments I assign through TeacherMade, I give a due date, but it isn't a hard deadline. The due date I give is usually two days to a week away from when my students start working on the assignment. Until the due date, students can have their assignments reopened and checked as many times as they would like to improve their scores. After the due date, I don't reopen assignments, but they can still turn in the assignment with a flat ten-point deduction. Because I monitor students as they work, I can keep reminding and prompting students to keep up with their work and try to meet the due dates I set. That way, they can take advantage of the 'redo' option I offer. 

TeacherMade makes it easy to reassign assignments to students or to let students reattempt assignments

I used paper assignments for years, and I couldn't monitor my students as accurately or offer this flexibility to my students. I could walk around and see how far they might be, but I couldn't see how accurate their answers were, especially on longer or multipart assignments. I also couldn't offer them almost unlimited retakes because of the time it would take me to grade assignments. They may be able to get a few questions checked or ask a few questions but not get an entire score or a full grade and reattempt. 

TeacherMade keeps students accountable and aids Teachers during parent conferences

TeacherMade also helps me during parent conferences and grade check-ins. Students can't claim that they lost the assignment or didn't get it or know about it. I can bring up the assignment in a meeting and show parents what their students did, what the assignment looked like, and how long they sat on an assignment. I have shown parents more than a few times that their student started an assignment and then sat on it for hours without going any further or that they wrote in gibberish to show that it was "completed." It's great not only to keep the students accountable but also that it acts as a backup for me to show that students were given plenty of opportunities to get the assignment done and chose not to do it.   

By monitoring my students in TeacherMade, I can keep my students accountable, keep them on track, and have evidence of their work to show shareholders in their education. 

TeacherMade makes it easy to plan for reteaching concepts, pull small groups, and give students more opportunities to be successful. 

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