Create interactive and engaging lesson plans with TeacherMade

Amanda is a 7th-grade teacher who uses TeacherMade to meet her district's requirements by creating engaging and interactive lesson plans.

How do you use TeacherMade to meet district standards?

My name is Amanda Mendenhall, and I teach 7th-grade geography. I teach in Oklahoma, and we must meet OASS standards for each lesson we teach. OASS requires access to district requirements daily, and TeacherMade helps me meet OASS standards daily. When my students are given an assignment, they can complete it in multiple ways. They can use drop-down boxes, fill in the blank answers, use matching answers, write short answers, and so much more.

How do you use TeacherMade to make your lesson plans more engaging and interactive?

TeacherMade has made lesson planning so much easier. I am able to spend time planning and searching for a curriculum that will enrich my lessons instead of trying to create engaging lessons because of TeacherMade. Fortunately, my school purchased a curriculum for my class for the first time in seven years just last year, so we are expected to use that curriculum on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes that curriculum doesn't align or doesn't give my students all the information I would like them to have concerning a concept. Because of TeacherMade, I'm not spending hours turning PDFs and worksheets into engaging and interactive worksheets for my students. I am able to add additional, enjoyable content, such as videos, from other sources for my students. 

How does TeacherMade help save teachers time while lesson planning?

TeacherMade has allowed me the freedom where I'm not spending hours and hours creating lesson plans each week that my students will enjoy. Organization for TeacherMade has made a world of difference in our classroom and lesson planning for the next year. I am able to organize my lessons by modules or chapters. I can then put a subfolder within that module that allows me to organize it into individual lessons for each one. I no longer struggle to find lessons because I give each lesson a title and description that helps me to plan as I go through the school year. Organizing my files and TeacherMade how I wish to do so helps me with my lesson plans for the next year and my yearly goals and objectives. I can go back and link it so all I have to do is open one document. It takes me directly to where I need to go, and I can work from there if I need to make changes. 

How does TeacherMade help you collaborate with teachers in other districts or schools?

TeacherMade has made working with other teachers and colleagues a breeze, even for teachers who are not in our district. I can share site work with them, allowing collaboration across not just my district but other schools as well. I see this helping our students as we work through transfers and look for more engaging activities for our students so that they can be more successful in the classroom. TeacherMade is giving teachers back the power of organizing and controlling their lessons in the classroom. We can look at a program and figure out what we need to do to help our students be successful, and through TeacherMade, we can do that. By providing additional resources, teachers can help students understand the content they need to know for those objectives. Teachers are able to bring me joy back to their classroom because they're not spending hours creating lesson plans that they may or may not get to each day.

TeacherMade helps teachers to create engaging and interactive lesson plans every day. Exceed your district standards, collaborate with fellow teachers, and save time with TeacherMade's interactive activities.

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