TeacherMade Helps Prepare Students for Oklahoma's OASS State Assessment

Amanda teaches 7th-grade geography in Oklahoma and uses TeacherMade as a practice tool for the OASS state test.

TeacherMade helps teachers and students practice for Oklahoma's OASS state test

Our students take the OASS state testing each year at the end of the school year. All curriculum is expected to line up to meet our standards for each subject area. TeacherMade allows me to help my students to achieve some of these goals. I can offer them different question types and formats for students to see as they work through the school year. My students can see questions such as drag and drop, drop-down boxes, fill in the blanks, and so much more from TeacherMade. I started the year with TeacherMade because it allows my students to become familiar with it as they work through the school year. We use TeacherMade for quizzes, exit tickets, assessments, and day-to-day work. Because of the ease of the program, I can teach the usage of TeacherMade at the beginning of the year whenever I am doing general housekeeping rules such as classroom expectations, turning in work, and all those daunting things we do as we begin the school year with new students. My students offer other ways that they may be able to use TeacherMade to help them be successful as we move through the school year. Students can make suggestions, such as drag and drop, which can be more beneficial than short answers in assignments. This allows them freedom and choice, which is one option we are trying to encourage as a school-wide initiative.

Using TeacherMade helps familiarize students with different question types they will likely see on the state test

My curriculum offers PDF versions of the lesson reviews each lesson. I take those PDF versions and create them into interactive, engaging activities for my students. The students can see different formats for each lesson if I choose to give them today. At the beginning of the school year, I try to keep it simple so the students don't struggle with the program as much as with the content. But as the year goes by, I can make changes and add more choices and selections from the TeacherMade program for my students to use. Students become familiar with different formats they will see on their state tests, such as matching and drop-down boxes. TeacherMade has allowed me to extend upon the curriculum taught in their language arts and science classes to help with those skills they need for the state test each year. 

TeacherMade's digital format helps save valuable teaching time in the classroom

We increase the different formats that TeacherMade allows us to use the closer to state testing we get. We also see the importance of the capability of using their digital device to help them take their state test. We need to increase the digital capabilities, which TeacherMade has allowed us to do without losing teaching time during a valuable time of the year. The students like the capability to have different formats and interactive activities to complete each assignment. And we're not all cramming passages with multiple-choice to the students because we can give them options and different formats in each class as they go through the day. TeacherMade has allowed our students to become more familiar with different types of teaching styles and different formats that their device allows them to see.   

TeacherMade helps students and teachers prepare for state tests. Teachermade's interactive worksheet creator offers endless opportunities to practice the various questions found on state tests.

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