TeacherMade Can "Help You Get Your Life Back"

Ms. Melissa is an 8th grade ELA Teacher who uses TeacherMade to reduce her time spent on grading, assigning, worksheet creation, feedback, and reteaching/reassigning.

TeacherMade can "help you get your life back"

If you haven't tried TeacherMade yet, what are you waiting for? Do you take home piles of paperwork with students' numbers at the top that you need to alphabetize and input nightly? Do you struggle to read messy handwriting? Are the struggling or unmotivated students conveniently never putting work in the bin and slipping right past you on Friday? TeacherMade can help you get your life back and make you feel good about the work you're doing in the classroom. No matter what subject you teach, there is a need that can be met using this platform.

If your district is like mine, you may be expected to tailor your lessons and work to individual student achievement or lack thereof. I've asked myself the questions you probably have asked yourself. How in the world do I have time to plan for that, grade that quickly, and make and collate those copies? Will I get extra time to get all this done? If the answers to these questions are all no, then you would benefit from using TeacherMade.

How do you use TeacherMade for classroom assignments?

First of all, you can create an online worksheet in minutes. I've done it. There are shortcuts for worksheet creation, and you won't need a PDF filler or lesson on how to use Kami. Once you have your PDF, Google Doc, Word Doc, or even a scanned document on your computer, you can easily upload it to TeacherMade and make it digital for your students to use. TeacherMade also shares many activities on their Weekly Tip Sheet for free! You can easily make copies of the pre-made worksheet to use in your class for years to come. 

How does using TeacherMade differ from other programs or apps you've used in the past?

After your students complete the assignment on TeacherMade, you can give them immediate feedback, which is truly effortless. You won't need to private comment in Google Classroom anymore! Commenting on Google DOCS and Slides would take me hours to do. I'd then need to return the work, which would confuse the students. They could view their grade and work on what they did wrong with little to no redirections. Since I spent so much time grading and giving feedback on Google Classroom, I didn't have the time for a small group to reteach. Instead, everyone would need to stop, putting us further behind. Now with TeacherMade, I can tailor my lessons and worksheets to students' individual needs with time to spare. The self-grading component is a game changer. It allows me to utilize the time in the classroom like never before. Students who are ready to move on can do so while I sit with the ones who need a little bit more to succeed.

How have TeacherMade's digital assignments helped increase your students' accountability and personal responsibility?

Ever notice how hard it is to get students to have a vested interest in what they are learning because they think it doesn't count or it's just practice? Hello, accountability and personal responsibility! Even student behavior has improved by using TeacherMade in my classroom. Some of my favorite ways to incorporate TeacherMade into my classroom are with reteach and practice assignments. I teach 80 minutes sections and already have all of my lessons, but I needed to cut time on grading assigning, worksheet creation, feedback, and reteach/reassigning. Luckily TeacherMade allows me to do all of that within one program. 

TeacherMade connects you with the best of the best teachers down the hall

As of now, I use TeacherMade on a biweekly basis at a minimum. I tend to assign my work through TeacherMade so I can progress monitor with it, but the more I interact with the site, the more fun and engaging work I can create or borrow from another teacher. I hope to create or find fun next-level work that will allow my enrichment group of students to be creative and show what they know. I can't fail to mention that when you join TeacherMade, you get a hardworking, sharing group of educators who have your students and your best interests in mind. They post activities for you to use, which is a huge timesaver! You're linked with the best of the best teachers down the hall. Count me as your first friend from TeacherMade!

To Summarize: TeacherMade helps Teachers save time and energy in the classroom. TeacherMade offers features that are easy to learn, easy to use, and great for student retention and feedback.

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