TeacherMade Helps Teachers Avoid Burnout

Ms. Amanda is a 7th-grade Geography teacher. She uses TeacherMade to convert simple paper worksheets into complex and challenging online worksheets for her students.

How has TeacherMade helped you avoid Teacher burnout?

TeacherMade has been a lifesaver for me. It has given me a life outside of teaching and has helped me feel teacher burnout. One of my dreads on Friday of each week was making sure that I had copies ready to go for the following week. I truly enjoyed it when my school went to 1 to 1, and my students began working digitally. It meant fewer copies and more time working with my students. Then came the challenge of how my students work on PDFs. How do my students learn digitally and interactively? TeacherMade has allowed that to happen. I am able to take any assignment and make it digital and interactive. I can make the assignment that was a simple worksheet complex and challenging. I can take that above-level assignment and make it doable for my below-level students. I am able to give real-time feedback to students that may not be in the classroom personally but digitally. 

How well does TeacherMade work with Google Classroom?

TeacherMade allows my students the capability to complete an assignment using TeacherMade and Google Classroom, which is the LMS my school uses. Students can access the assignment through one site, not multiple sites. The students can click the link on Google Classroom, and it will take them directly to the TeacherMade assignment. They can easily turn in an assignment and don’t have to toggle between multiple screens. The students are able to work on an assignment, and with the automatic save feature, they don’t have to worry if their device dies or if they aren’t finished at the end of the hour. 

Do you use TeacherMade across multiple devices?

TeacherMade has made the life of grading papers for 120 middle schoolers a breeze. I am able to grade papers anywhere I have an internet connection without carrying a bag that weighs more than a small horse around with me. I can grade papers from my computer, my laptop, and even my phone. Having access everywhere made a difference in getting papers graded and recorded. I am able to see exactly what the answer should be and if I need to give partial credit for an answer. Grades are given as a percentage, allowing my students to see their grades almost instantly.

Have you had any difficulties training your students on the TeacherMade app?

I am able to show students how to work the program at the beginning of each year, and they can easily work it throughout the school year. I have been able to do a lot of “training” for students in my school since I am willing to pilot programs in the class. TeacherMade has been the most influential and game-changing application we have implemented as a school. 

How has TeacherMade freed up your time from manual grading?

I use TeacherMade almost daily in my class. I use it for daily assignments, exit tickets, quizzes, and any other assignments. I love using it because of the difference it has made in my life. I don’t spend hours grading papers each night, nor am I weeks behind getting papers graded. My students get pretty instant or next-day feedback and grades. TeacherMade has made my job and being a mom to 6 kids a less daunting task. As teachers, we need to be available to our students 24/7, and with TeacherMade, I can do this. And I get to spend time helping my kids while not letting my students down as a teacher. It is the best of both worlds. Thank you to the creators of TeacherMade and all the others who have given us teachers back our lives. I am grateful each day for the TeacherMade program. Also, I have time to build relationships with my co-workers. Because of TeacherMade, I don’t have to spend all of my “free time” grading papers in my room or making copies in the copy room. I get to help teachers learn how to streamline their classrooms and be a mentor to others.

The Truth: TeacherMade helps teachers avoid burnout by freeing up countless late nights and weekends from grading.  

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