TeacherMade Lets Teachers Monitor Student Work in Real-Time

Elizabeth is a 4th-grade reading teacher who uses TeacherMade to monitor her students' progress in real-time. 

Review students' work in real-time to be more informed of each student's progress

One great feature I love about TeacherMade is that I can monitor student work in real-time. As students work on their devices, I can click on the assignment from my computer and see how they are progressing individually. This allows me to give better feedback and address misconceptions right away. Having the ability to monitor individual work on an online platform is extremely beneficial to me as an educator because I am better informed on each student's progress.  

TeacherMade lets Teachers reinforce important skills while students are working through an assignment

In my 4th-grade Reading and Writing class, I use TeacherMade to assign texts with accompanying questions and prompts for short answer questions and essay writing. When my students are reading through a text, I can monitor if they are annotating as they go and using strategies I have taught. This allows me to reinforce important skills my students should practice as they read online. No other program I have found can give me, as the teacher, this much oversight of how a student is progressing through an assignment.

TeacherMade helps with student accountability during assignments

When students are working on a reading selection, for example, and I see that they have not taken notes or highlighted, I can go up to the student in class, or leave them a message if online, and ask if they are struggling or they forgot. Sometimes they just need to be held accountable so they actually do the work. It helps me be able to keep students on task during online work. From experience, I have seen students looking very busy on their computers who are not actually finishing much of anything pertaining to the assignment. Once students realized I could see their work and track progress, it greatly helped with accountability. With most of the other computer programs and websites, I can't monitor how long they have been working on a section or questions, so TeacherMade definitely helps with keeping them on task.

Give real-time feedback to students who are struggling with an assignment

If I assign students a writing prompt, I love being able to see a student's thought process while writing. I can then assist in revising and editing quicker because I understand what they are trying to get across. Giving feedback throughout the writing process helps me see where students struggle, so I can adjust the mini-lessons for whole group teaching and pull students for small groups if they need more support. Using this feature helps me better understand my students' needs so I can be a better teacher.

I find that being able to monitor student progress is very helpful for students as well. Some of my more shy students will type a note on an assignment to ask a question while they are working, when in the past, they would not even attempt to ask for help. This method gives them options for seeking assistance that they haven't had before. Students also benefit from getting more timely feedback, as I described earlier. They feel less pressure to get everything right the first time when they know I will be checking and helping along the way. I have seen many reluctant writers flourish through consistent feedback using TeacherMade.

Monitor online work and give timely feedback with TeacherMade

The ability to closely monitor online work and give timely feedback has been a game changer for me in the era of remote and hybrid teaching. My class feels supported, and I am sure that I know my students' abilities and can adapt my teaching to fit their needs. In my experience, TeacherMade makes it easy to gradually release students in online work so they can build their confidence and become more independent with the technology and, most importantly, the learning task at hand.

TeacherMade helps teachers monitor online work in real-time and give timely feedback to students.

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