Track Your Students' Progress in Real-Time with TeacherMade

Rachelle is an 8th-grade science teacher who uses TeacherMade to monitor her students on their assignments.

How do you use TeacherMade to observe your students while they work on their assessments?

In my classroom, I use both TeacherMade and a screen mirroring software to observe my students as they work on their assessments and projects. This allows me to keep them on track to complete their work, and it keeps me on track! 

How does TeacherMade help you plan future lessons and update current lessons?

On TeacherMade, I will watch their progress bars and prospective scores to get an idea of how the class is doing and how long the assignment will take to complete. It helps me figure out my planning for other activities, either for extension or remediation. I can also check in on their assignments to see if there are any questions they are struggling with or if there are any answers I want to accept and add to my answer key. I will also sometimes go into an assignment and realize there may need to be some clarification I need to give to my students or even possibly a new resource. This is especially helpful if I am using a new assignment or if I have modified an older assignment. TeacherMade helps me to assess my teaching practices and plan our next lesson. 

How does TeacherMade help you track your students' progress?

During my students' time on task, I also use the live-monitoring feature to figure out which students may need help or just a reminder to get back on task. With my screen mirroring software, I can see which tabs they have open and block them from certain sites, but I can't always see how far along they are in an assignment. This is why TeacherMade is so helpful. I can click on the assignment in TeacherMade and look at their assignment to see what they have done and make sure they are on the right track. I also use it when students ask me questions about their work. I can click on their assignment to see exactly what they were talking about and give them feedback in person or online. 

How do you use TeacherMade to reinforce classroom behavior and to incentive students?

My students also know that I monitor them pretty frequently, and sometimes they even make a game! They ask me throughout the class period what percentage of the assignment they have completed, and they will compare it to other students. I also use it as an incentive during our class period. If they hit certain percentage markers like 25% or 50%, they can work with a partner, listen to music while working, or even work outside or in the lab. They like to have some other goals and incentives to work towards. It's also yet another way for me to set a pace for them to complete their work in time other than just giving them a due date. Being able to see their completion percentage motivates them to complete their work. 

How do you use TeacherMade to give students real-time progress reports on their assignments?

In addition, when students aren't working to the best of their ability, I can show them their progress in a quantifiable way. With a traditional paper and pencil assignment, I can't easily show them their percentage and possible score without taking time to go through and hand grade everything. With TeacherMade, they can see what amount of the assignment needs to be done and their current grade. This allows them to either turn in the assignment as is or continue working on it. Some students only care if they have a passing grade, so if they have a 60% on the assignment, they may stop working on it. When others see a lower grade than they want, they will work to get a higher one.

How does TeacherMade help you track and evaluate your teaching progress?

TeacherMade allows me to track my teaching progress by evaluating my next steps in the classroom. Not only that, but I can monitor student progress, which motivates them to work harder, and also incentives them to complete their work. I don't know what I would do without this feature on TeacherMade.

TeacherMade isn't just a digital worksheet maker. TeacherMade provides Teachers with a tool to track student progress, reinforce classroom behavior, and provide real-time data to help keep students on track.

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