How can you do exit tickets online?

Ukyah Wilburn teaches fifth grade math. She uses TeacherMade to create daily exit tickets for her students. These formative assessments are auto-graded and get instant feedback on student learning.

How do you use online worksheet makers like TeacherMade to collect data?

If TeacherMade didn't exist, I would feel completely lost on how to teach my math lessons. I use TeacherMade daily in my fifth-grade math class. I can get a true read of the room by assigning my daily math practice through the app. I can see concrete data on where my students are with an understanding of the day's lesson. Not only that but using TeacherMade allows my students to receive genuine feedback and keeps them accountable for completing their practice. 

How do you create online exit tickets?

Each day after our math lesson, I assign students a practice page on TeacherMade. I typically use PDFs from the curriculum I am using, but only if it has enough space for me to create step-by-step models of the work. For example, when I taught long division, I made each practice problem have a box for every number that was written in the long division problem. If students got an incorrect answer, they could see exactly what and where their mistake was. This was such a great way for students to show their work. 

How can students see what they missed on their assignment?

I always assign practice to show scores after students submit. This allows them to know how well they understand the material. Then they submit their answers, a red box marks the incorrect ones, and when they click them, they see the correct answer. I typically do not put practice grades in the grade book, but in the future, I would like to offer completion grades to help hold students accountable for turning them in.

How do online tools streamline your formative assessment?

In the past, before TeacherMade, I would assign a practice page in my students' notebooks. Before class, I would complete the practice page showing my work and the steps I took to get my answers. I would place the page in the front of the classroom so that students could check their work against mine to see if their answers were correct. If students made mistakes, they could see how I worked out my answers to check their work. Before TeacherMade, I had to go around and collect my own data. If students asked for help or if I had behavior issues, it would take my attention from other students that may have needed my assistance. I did not collect the practice, so the accountability for students completing this assignment was pretty low. 

How do you increase student accountability?

TeacherMade has greatly improved my math class, and my students are thriving. I no longer need to patrol the room to gather data. TeacherMade does it for me. I can see who is actively working and progressing on the assignment. I can which students are getting problems correct and which are getting them incorrect. I no longer have to trust my ten-year-old students to complete their work. I can see it for myself at any time. 

Accountability is increased because they have to submit their work daily. Once they submit, they have feedback on how they have done and what areas they need to work on. The best part about using TeacherMade is that since students have access to their computers online, they can complete their work away from the classroom. I have had so many students still completing their practice at home when they are absent from school and proud of themselves! Others have finished their assignment after school as well! 

How has TeacherMade changed your classroom and teaching?

If TeacherMade were candy, it would be a lifesaver! It has transformed my math instruction tremendously. Using TeacherMade, I can teach my students how to be accountable and provide immediate feedback instantly. I can reach every student, whether they are at school or home. As the TeacherMade platform continues to develop and grow, so does my instruction in the classroom.

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