Create Memorable and Unique Online Resources for Your Students

We spoke to Elena, a French teacher who create unique assignments in TeacherMade using pre-existing PDFs and Microsoft Word and Google Docs. 

How do you use TeacherMade to streamline your workflow?

When I started teaching French full-time two years ago, I was always on the lookout for tools to help me streamline my workflow. I teach almost my entire school (grades two through eight), so school days can be hectic! I was very happy when I found TeacherMade, an app that has helped me make digital activities for my students in a time-effective way. 

How do you create online activities for your students?

Teachermade was a lifesaver during online learning, and I liked it so much I continued to use it even after returning in person. Two ways I like to use Teachermade are to turn my pre-existing PDFs into online activities and to create entirely new activities by making a Word Doc and then uploading it to the application. I will show you examples of both methods below:

Example 1

The simplest way to make a TeacherMade activity is to upload a premade PDF file and then add features that students can interact with on the editing screen. I have most of the worksheets I use with my students saved to my computer as PDF files, so this makes using TeacherMade very simple. 

First, I click 'Create a worksheet' on the main page of TeacherMade, then I click 'Upload a file.' The app then prompts me to click on the PDF I want to turn into an activity. After I select my file, the Teachermade editing screen loads. Then I can decide how I want my students to interact with the activity by adding on questions. I often will add a 'short answer' box in places where students would write text on their paper. Other question types I commonly use include Multiple Choice, Matching, and Open Answer. 

The above picture is an example of a worksheet created by uploading a PDF and adding interactive features. In the photo, you can see short answer questions where students can type and tick boxes (or check off boxes) that students can click to create a checkmark. 

Example 2

Another way you can create digital activities is by creating a document on Microsoft Word or Google Docs, then uploading that file into TeacherMade. I usually choose this route when I want to specifically make an activity for online use. This is where I can get really creative with TeacherMade's unique features, such as Audio Recordings and Hot Spots.

In the example above, you can see a worksheet I made on Microsoft Word, knowing that my students would be interacting with it through TeacherMade. To make this activity, I first uploaded my file to TeacherMade using the same process detailed in the first example. I clicked 'Insert,' then 'Audio' on the editing page. I recorded my voice right through the app. Finally, I clicked 'Insert,' then 'Hotspot' to make the pictures on the worksheet clickable. I clicked and dragged my cursor to create rectangles around each image. Then I added a recording of myself speaking for my students to use as a listening activity. That way, my students can listen to me speaking in French and click on the pictures that correspond with what I said in the recording.

How do you use your creativity to make unique assignments for your students?

With TeacherMade, the sky's the limit for the kinds of activities you can create for your students. Sometimes I want to quickly create an online activity based on resources I already own, and TeacherMade can help me to do so. These days, making a worksheet this way only takes me a few minutes thanks to TeacherMade's user-friendly editing screen. When I feel creative, TeacherMade allows me to create truly unique activities from scratch. All in all, TeacherMade is a fantastic resource for busy teachers like me who want to create memorable online resources for their students. 

TeacherMade lets you convert PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, and Google Docs into memorable online resources for your students. Create interactive worksheets in minutes with TeacherMade.

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