Give Students Instant Feedback with TeacherMade

Ms. Ukyah uses TeacherMade to provide instant feedback to her 5th-grade math and science students. Students can instantly see their score once they submit an assignment, as well as which answers are incorrect and what the correct answers should be.

TeacherMade offers auto-grading and scoring capabilities

The scoring capabilities and feedback options in TeacherMade are my favorite part of the program. For starters, the feedback given is up to the teacher's discretion for each assignment. TeacherMade allows you to let students instantly see their scores or wait until you return them. You also can show only the score, which answers are incorrect, and what the correct answers should be. This flexibility gives you the autonomy to use TeacherMade on various assignments.


Release scores automatically once an assignment is complete or manually

The feature on TeacherMade that allows you to choose when students see their scores is incredible. I teach math and science to 5th graders in Collinsville, IL, and when I assign daily lessons, I always set scores to post immediately after submission. I do the same thing when I assign a science test because I'm certain of the answers. However, scores aren't released when I assign math tests until I return them. The reasoning is that it allows me to give partial credit or grade on a curve. Before you return a score, you're able to adjust it manually. Since I do this often, I don't want to confuse students with their initial scores.

Using TeacherMade for daily math practice lessons

In my daily math practice lessons, I set incorrect answers to display once students submit them, as well as what the correct answers should be. Along with that, students' scores show instantly. This puts students in charge of their learning and allows them to see what their mistakes were so they can work together or with me to figure out where or how they went wrong. Once students know they understand the skill from the practice lesson, they move on to their exit ticket. If their practice score is low, it shows they need some help understanding. If the score is high, it is a pretty good indication that they understand the concept and are ready to move on. As a teacher, I want students to be mindful of their learning. I want them to develop the self-awareness to know when they need to ask for help and when they can be confident in their understanding. TeacherMade helps me to instill that skill in record time. 

Use TeacherMade for daily math exit tickets

As students move on to completing their exit tickets, they have confidence in themselves based on the feedback they have gotten from their practice page. Students are then able to demonstrate their understanding and, again, gain instant feedback. Once they hit submit, students will see their scores only. They will not see correct and incorrect answers until the assignments are returned. This helps to deter students from sharing answers. Once students have their scores, they can know their next move. If their score is 90% or above, they can choose to help others in the classroom, which deepens their understanding, or they can try a challenge activity. With a score of 89% or below, the students will complete a homework lesson to sharpen their skills. For students that get a score below 70%, I pull them aside and go through their mistakes with them and find out their misconceptions.

TeacherMade lets Teachers submit and resubmit assignments and tests to allow students more practice

As far as tests go, I am still discovering what works best for my students and me. Sometimes I have allowed tests to show scores instantly, and other times I waited until I could go through and see if there was any human error on my part or common misconceptions from students. I can make the necessary corrections or adjustments before their scores are released. I can also provide comments and stickers to boost students' self-esteem as learners. Other times, I have released scores and incorrect answers instantly and reopened students' tests so that they can make corrections. Once students resubmit their tests, scores are updated instantly. This is similar to how I have graded pen and paper tests in the past. 


TeacherMade helps Teachers know where to focus attention

TeacherMade allows me to teach while the program gathers all the data my students and I need to move forward in their learning. TeacherMade assists me in knowing where to put our focus instantly. It allows my human error to be corrected with a few clicks of a button. My students and I love TeacherMade. We appreciate the rich feedback it offers. Not only does it make my students better learners, but it helps me to be a better teacher without spending hours outside of the classroom compiling data.

TeacherMade offers auto-grading features that will save you time. Release scores immediately once an assignment is completed or manually once you have reviewed any issues with the assignment.

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