IMPORTANT: Changes to your toolbar!

There’s a new, simpler way of drawing answers boxes on your worksheet! Please take 2 minutes to check it out. I promise you’ll be glad you did!

The first thing you’ll notice is that we’ve moved all of the tools that used to be on your toolbar. You access them now by clicking on the Insert button on the toolbar. When you click, the menu below will appear; you just select the Question Type or Content Tool from it and continue on as you used to.

But there’s an even better way to make the Question Types and Content Tools display right on your worksheet… just click and drag your mouse where you want to insert something, e.g. a short answer, and voila!! Select Short Answer on the menu that pops up. Why not take a moment and get the feel of it by trying out a few different Question Types?

We promise this method is more intuitive and will get you digitizing worksheets even more quickly than before! 

All of the same tools are still there and they work the same as always… we just thought we’d do some spring cleaning and get rid of all those small icons! 

Before you get started, here are a few important tips to note:

  1. When you add a tool with multiple options such as multiple choice, we don’t give all of the options in the popup, but instead use a default value. Once you’ve added the item to your worksheet, you can change the number of options. We do remember the choice you make, though, so the following insert will have the number of options you previously selected!
  2. Remember the Spacebar shortcut! This shortcut automatically sets you up to insert another of the same items you last inserted!
  3. Another important shortcut to remember is the Ctrl-D shortcut! This tool will duplicate any item that you have selected. 1x Ctrl-D… 10x Ctrl-D… doesn’t matter! Just select and drag your copied boxes to where they belong. They’ll be the same size and shape as the original.
  4. Double-clicking an item brings up the editor for that item so you can easily change the number of options or edit the available answers! You have to be a little careful that you’re not over a clickable part of the item (such as the “True” button in a true/false) but an easy way to do this is to make sure your cursor looks like this:

We hope you enjoy this new clutter-free toolbar! If at any point you need a refresher of how this works, you can restart the new toolbar guided tour in the app by selecting ”NEW - How to Add Questions and Content” on the Help Menu.

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